If you are someone who feels like the Country is going to "hell in a handbasket" welcome aboard.  There are an awful lot of folks like yourself truly concerned for the future of the nation.  ( for historical fun, check out Wikipedia for "hell in a handbasket")

What can we do? Stage an "insurrection"? HA! Don't get me started.  The first thing we all can do is start in our own community making sure the right people are running for office and setting good local policy and then we support them and "raise them up right" so they can advance to state & federal leadership and work to change the culture/swamp we are mired in now.  Easy NO. Necessary YES.

This morning we had the pleasure of meeting a young patriot, a woman of faith who has chosen to take action on her beliefs and her hope for America.  Her name is KateAshley Clarke and you may know her from her run for  Yakima School District No. 7 Director, Position 2 .  We hope this will be just the where she received

This picture is from her Facebook page and if she looks young, well she IS and that's part of the positive nature of her story.  We don't think of Gen Xers as getting involved in grassroots level local politics so it's encouraging to be able to tell you she is the driving force behind tomorrow evening's Rally For Liberty benefitting Courageous Candidates for Yakima County.


Citizen Courage is an organization she founded in the aftermath of recent elections with a focus on grassroots level activism to educate and activate participation in the local political process for those who are philosophically aligned with the values upon which the Country was founded.  Thursday night's (9/16/21) rally is one such activity. And here is KateAshley to tell us more.

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