We all hold onto things we should have just tossed in the trash years ago. For some reason or another, whether it's sentimental, something we think is valuable or just an old electronic we believe will be helpful in the future.

We're going over this list in the hopes that you upgrade or just throw out these old things to make room in your life for something new. Call it late spring cleaning or just finally growing up and keeping things tidy. Check out the list below for the things you should be throwing out.

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5.) Carry Out Menus

We all have a small stack of carry-out menus on the fridge in case we feel like ordering out, granted some of them are from 2006 and the restaurant has been closed for almost 20 years. Do yourself a favor and toss out every last one. You can always restart that collection.

4.) Old Shirts

I get holding onto clothes for sentimental reasons, but do you really have the space to keep that shirt you wore to a middle school dance and had for your first kiss while wearing? Do you really need it? If your answer is yes I have some bad news, you may be a hoarder. Donate old clothes or just toss them in the trash, either way, it's time they found a new home to take up space in.

3.) Old Sweaters

This almost falls under the same category as shirts, however, some people will keep sweaters and sweatshirts that have huge holes all over them just for sentimental value. We're not telling you to throw away your memories, but does it still hold memories when the majority of threads are gone? All we're saying is a picture is worth a thousand more words than that torn-up sweater.

2.) Old License Plates

We totally get wanting to keep the license plate from your first or favorite car, what we don't understand is keeping hundreds of plates from all over. Unless you're an avid collector or work in an auto shop we don't understand. This isn't a Texas roadhouse where they decorate the walls with old license plates, it just makes it look like you're a huge fan of Texas Roadhouse.

1.) Old Headphones

Whenever you get a new pair of headphones or AirPods you tend to hold onto the old ones in case something happens to your new pair. Totally understandable. What doesn't make sense is having 8 other pairs of headphones that you kept in a box along with all the other "new headphones" you bought over the years. it's okay to toss out 80% of the other headphones you have taking up space in your junk drawer.

Did you end up tossing anything, or are you already five steps ahead of us? If you're still holding onto these things maybe the best way to get rid of them is to have a garage sale, that way you get some cash to splurge on some new habits and things.


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