Yakima Fire Department investigators are working alongside federal agents as they try and stop a arsonist from causing more damage in the city of Yakima. More than 26 arson related fires have been reported since early July and investigators are concerned the arsonist will light even more fires. The latest fire at the Lewisville Tavern at 301 North Sixth Avenue on Saturday morning caused $300,000 in damage and left investigators like Robert Almgren is the ATF Agent in Charge in Yakima hoping someone will call in a tip that will help make an arrest. But he says it's frustrating because they believe the suspect may be homeless. "It's difficult to track people and find people when they're on the go."
investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a Yakima bar that lead to $300,000 worth of damage.
Authorities continue the investigation into Saturday's fire along with the other large fire at Fruit Packers Supply last month that caused and estimated $20 million in damage. If you know anything contact the ATF at 1-888-atf-tips.
other rewards are also being offered by the Arson Alarm Foundation and Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers can be reached at 248-9980 or the Arson Alarm Foundation 1-800-55-arson.
Rewards are available for the information. But investigators say it's obvious no one wants to talk even with rewards of up to $10,000. So for investigators from both the Yakima Fire Department and the Bureau it's back to work Today hoping a break will come that will lead to an arrest.

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