Edgar Hernandez (Junior) is a long-time Yakima resident who has spent 38 of his 40 years in Southeast Yakima.  He's a married father of two and he has some ideas about gangs and violence in Yakima which is a major focus of his campaign for the District #2 City Council seat.

He says the nature of gangs has changed from guys securing and holding local turf to actually working for dangerous cartels.

He says the city's crackdown on gangs has changed, and he says at a minimum we need an increased police presence today.  At the same time, he says we need faith-based programs sponsored by the community to help as well.

As a conservative who grew up in the church, he knows there are programs that can give kids a new path to walk when parents are busy at work and away from the home. He says he would like to use the platform provided by the council position to recruit the community's help.

District #2 is the district seat being vacated by Jason White.  It was suggested in a letter to the editor that Hernandez is a disciple of the controversial councilman.  Hernandez denies that kind of connection with White who generated plenty of local news with some of the things he said that led to censure and his refusal to attend meetings for months during the pandemic.

Edgar Hernandez, Candidate for Yakima City Council District Two, and has plenty to say and you can hear his full interview right here on our website.


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