Ever heard the expression "Fake It 'Til You Make It"?  It's the idea of acting like something is real until it becomes real - such as smiling until you are happy, acting confident until you are, etc.

It actually can work well in some circumstances. That's important to consider when you realize just how many people actually suffer from "Imposter Syndrome" and feel like fakes or phonies on some aspects of their job.

The Daily Mail reports on a study out of Brigham Young University which found 20 percent of people suffer with impostor syndrome in the workplace.  These are people who mostly perform well but still feel a little lost or incompetent in some aspects of work.

Scientists say the best way to deal with these feelings is to reach out to friends and family but and not people you work with.

Outsiders are able to help the "imposters" understand themselves more completely in totality, rather than just being focused on what they felt they lacked.

The root of imposterism is self-deception and the mistaken thought that  people like us for something that isn't real and that they won't like us if they find out who we really are.

A good article on the subject can be found  at the Mental Floss website.







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