Agents from ATF or Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are helping the Yakima Police Department investigate last Tuesday's burglary and fire at the 40th Avenue Bi-Mart. The federal agents are involved because of the number of guns that were stolen at the store. Officials say more than two dozen firearms were stolen. But police say they could have gotten away with a lot more. Investigators say officers found a bag of weapons at a back door.
"Anytime there's weapons stolen, that's especially troubling," said Yakima spokesman Mike Bastinelli. "So you've got some weapons that are out there in the hands of criminals that weren't there prior to this."
If you have any information about the arson and burglary, you are urged to call Yakima Police at 575-6200.

The pharmacy is still open at the Bi-Mart and a company spokesman expects the rest of the store to re-open sometime next week.

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