I love finding gems like this. Someone grabbed a half an hour of footage of Yakima and a bit around the Yakima Valley and, fortunately for us, they uploaded the footage to YouTube.

It's a wonderful insight into what typical life was like in Yakima in the 1950s. December of 1957 to be exact. You can even see the Christmas decorations of downtown Yakima.

Some other sights you may recognize are the Larson Building in downtown Yakima, the Stop & Go on Fruitvale, The Capitol Theatre, the iconic First Presbyterian Church and so many more. Maybe even a few signs you've seen today that are still etched into the sides of buildings. See how many landmarks you can identify.

Also fun to see classic places we don't have any more like Jordon's Drugstore on Tieton, Bon Marche, the old Greyhound bus depot and a whole lot more. Such a fun video. I hope more like this pop up soon.

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