WSJ reports that farmers reconsider the GMO revolution and that behind the wave of multi-billion dollar mergers is a moment of change for the American farmer. The paper stated that farmers are finding it harder to justify the high prices for GMO or modified seed and weeds are evolving to resist herbicides forcing the use of more chemicals. Also, that Agrochemical groups are planning to slash costs in response to the decline in crop prices which has forced makers of seeds, crop chemicals, fertilizers and tractors to cut staff and prices.

Alsum Farms & Produce Inc. is marketing ready-to-eat potatoes that can be used as fast dinner sides or as healthy after-school snacks; Alsum markets its Fast & Fresh!-branded 12-ounce microwave-ready potatoes with olive oil and seasonings.

Farmers are going to be using the economic slowdown in the farm economy to lobby Congress for a new farm bill in the next Congress. Right now, there isn’t a crisis, says Zippy Duvall. President of the American Farm Bureau but he told reporters that “If something doesn’t change between now and 2018 we will have a farm crisis,”

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