Ag News: Calorie Count Labels
You've seen the menus in some of the restaurants. Now, as of Monday, food retailers, including vending machines, are required to display calorie counts on menus.
Ag News: Farm Bill Delay
Farm bill is be delaying, a draft law renewing farm and nutrition programs is being opposed by Democrats over cuts to the food-stamp program.
Meat Demand Is Up; Ag Employers to Invest in Employees
**The USDA’s latest cold storage report showed strong retail and export demand for meat.
Pork was down 10% on the year, despite record pork production during March, including a 68% drop in bellies, and beef supplies were 4% lower, even after a 7% year to year increase in production la…
Group Must Pay Legal Fees in Campaign Finance Case
OLYMPIA  (AP) — A Thurston County Superior Court judge has ordered Grocery Manufacturers Association to pay $1.1 million in legal fees after it violated state campaign finance disclosure laws.
Those fees are on top of the $18 million in fines the Washington D...
EU Snubs Russia Global Grain Forum
The Pork Checkoff is launching a new national awards program that will recognize future industry leaders. Targeting youth age 18-29, the group plans to give three recipients awarded with an invitation to speak at the National Pork Board events...

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