There is no official word from County Health authorities, but rumor has it there is the potential for a breakout of a new illness that has the possibilities of reaching epidemic proportions and could affect over 300,000 people later this summer.

The newly recognized malady has been named Fair Fever and has some obvious symptoms which include a desire to spin in circles, an uncontrollable urge to view farm animals, outbursts of intermittent screams and laughter, and cravings for corn dogs, elephant ears and other delectable foods.

Health officials believe there is only one known cure, and that is to attend the Central Washington State Fair in September.

When asked about the new potential ailment, Fair President Greg Stewart said he has seen versions of the bug before and it normally shows up around Labor Day.

“Most people start getting the fever about the time school starts each year,” Stewart said.  “Although we do have people who suffer from some of the symptoms all year long, those are the ones who might need two or three days at our Fair to be cured.”

Some medical officials say it may actually be good for a person’s mental wellness to catch Fair Fever, because once they go to the Fair to cure their symptoms they develop an overall feeling of happiness and well being…not to mention having some certain entertainment and food cravings satisfied.

Because of the possible affliction, and the great side effects, Fair officials announced today that the theme for this year’s Fair is “Fair Fever—Catch It!”

Stewart said he and the staff are working hard to bring together this year’s version of the annual Fair, which is set to run September 21-30 in Yakima.

“We are working on getting some extra special entertainment and attractions in place to help cure any Fair Fever ailments,” Stewart said.

Of course the Fair will again present several nights of big name entertainment, along with a variety of great foods, livestock exhibits, carnival rides, and displays that makes it the largest single family entertainment event in the region.

Fair officials will be reminding the public about all of the symptoms and cures for Fair Fever as the ten day event approaches later this summer.

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