Ever hear the phrase "Analysis Paralysis"?  That's when you are torn between comparing the pros and cons of a making a decision that you don't make any decision at all.

It happens.

Some people delay making important decisions while waiting for more information which makes sense but,  can you have too much information?

According to EuekAlert, it appears you can and with detrimental effect.
Stevens Institute of Technology researchers found when people had too much information about something they became less confident in their choices and then made worse decisions, which suggests that their prior knowledge of the topic got in the way of choosing the best outcome.
Study leaders say when people didn't have background knowledge but were given information, they made better decisions.
Point being...we all need to be aware there is a big difference in how we interpret the information we give to others or receive ourselves.  It plays differently if it's about things we already know vs. when it's new or unfamiliar information because having too much information actually drives people to make worse decisions compared to having less information.

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