The 2018 edition of Yakima Uncorked was a smashing success! Great weather, big crowds, delicious food, refreshing beverages and outstanding music made Saturday afternoon on 3rd street the place to be!

Among my many varied civic duties and responsibilities are things like - "Hey Dave, can you judge the bacon cooking contest at Uncorked?"  You bet I can and so three of us took on the task of deciding who was to be crowned the first among equals.

The numbers were down this year--just three eateries as enteries so it was a clear case of quality over quantity.  Three of us--three of them --bacon showdown!

We come not to bury the losers but to praise them for their effort.  A Bacon wrapped hot dog/sausage that could be tricked out however you wanted.  It was the solid infrastructure for further creation--BUT--creativity was one of the categories and here the creativity was in the eye and imagination of the beholder.  Tasty but incomplete.

There was also a BLT on a bun that was heavy on onions and light on well cooked bacon.  A little too much flop and pop for my taste.  Very good but not Bac-nificent.

And there was one ...and it was THE one.  Sonya's Bacon Tacos!  Open faced, bacon crumbles, pineapple and mango and lime juice and a few other ingredients that combined for a unanimous win.  It looked as good as it tasted and it looked fabulous!

Congrats to the competitors, thanks to fellow judges -Sponsor Forbes Mercy and KNDO reporter Briceda and a big win for the event beneficiary -The  Season Performance Hall .

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