A study released in December, the 29th annual report, put Hawaii at the top of the list as the most healthy state. New England shows well with Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont coming in second, third and fourth.

Washington came in 9th.

Louisiana was dead last.

To create the rankings, the report takes into account 35 health factors and examines them by state.  " Those 35 measures fall into categories: "the behaviors that we are choosing in our lifestyle; the community and environment where we live; the public policy that happens at a state level; and the clinical care that we receive when we go to the doctor and the hospital ultimately influence the outcomes around our health."
If you are working on you personal health and fitness you should know that University of California, San Diego, researchers found that compared to women who get less exercise, those who get lots of light physical activity may have up to a 42 percent lower risk of dying from coronary problems, such as heart attacks, and a 22 percent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  And we are talking about "light exercise".

Sunny southern California has some fitness advice your you. f you thought you had to run a few miles each day to gain health benefits you can take a seat.   Light activities include "most of the movements of daily life," such as walking around, getting dressed, checking the mail, pruning the garden and doing dishes.

The data was based on 6,000 healthy women ages 63 and up, and the biggest catch-- those who got the biggest health boost from light exercise were those who did the most of it: between 5.6 and 10.3 hours per day.

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