12,900 acres with no containment that's the latest news on the Evans Canyon Fire.  Hundreds of people received Level 3 (go now) evacuation orders on Tuesday after the fire started northwest of Naches on Monday afternoon. 430 homes are under evacuation orders while two homes were damaged by the fire on Tuesday. So far no injuries have been reported.
Upwards of 300 firefighters are on the scene battling the blaze.
Some confusion overnight with emergency alerts that notified people of the fire moving toward Selah and that it crossed the Naches-Wenas Road. But Yakima County Sheriff's officials say the alert was for those living on South Wenas Road and Tinnling Road in the Selah area.
If you don't live in the area fire officials are urging you to stay away. Temperatures and winds decreased overnight so the change could mean better progress in fighting the fire on Wednesday.

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