It was just about a week ago -March 8th to be specific- when the women of America celebrated International Women's Day and we on the Morning News talked about the degree of progress made and yet to be made.  We also talked about the "equal pay for equal work" concept and how far off we are on a global average.  According to a world economic review, men make on average 21-thousand a year while women earn just 12-grand.

You don't have to breakdown any complex formulas to figure this all out because it starts out simply enough in adolescence...with childhood allowance!

A new survey of Dutch parents with kids ages ten to 12 finds they get an average of $23 in digital pocket money per month. However, boys received an average of $23.79, while girls received an average of $22.23.  Ok. Why is that?  How come the boys get more than the girls?

If the money is paid out in cash, the difference given to boys and girls is even more pronounced, with boys receiving an average of $18.55 per month and girls getting an average of $15.07.  Can you figure out why, with kids of equal ages, why would girls get 20% less allowance than boys?  Ladies, you want to push for equal pay? Start early, with your allowance! (DutchNews)

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