Just as Egypt announced a restructuring in its agriculture quarantine authority and reaffirmed its .05 percent limit of ergot contamination in wheat, the authority now says it will continue to apply a zero tolerance policy. The zero ergot policy will remain in place, according to Egypt’s quarantine authority, until new legislation is issued. The new leader of the authority says his agency was still bound by law that prohibits all levels of ergot. The zero-tolerance policy on common grains fungus ergot resulted in shipments to the world’s biggest importer of wheat being rejected.

The European Union Tuesday delayed a decision on extending approval for glyphosate, used in herbicides including Monsanto's Roundup. The pending decision stems from a dispute between EU and U.N. agencies over whether it causes cancer. Experts from all 28 member states attended a closed-door meeting this week and were expected to endorse the proposal to extend the authorization of glyphosate through 2031. However, the meeting stopped short of a vote and discussion was expected to continue at another session no later than mid-May.

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