The 2nd Annual Student Art: A Catalyst for Personal and Social Change is coming to The Seasons May 24th. It's the Educurious Student Art Show.

You'll enjoy an evening of student expression through art at the Season’s Art Gallery.

Educurious is exactly what it sounds like, it's a project-based, blended learning environment, pairing classroom instruction with the use of technology for increased student engagement according to a press release from the Yakima School District.

This curriculum is taught in select English classes at Davis, Eisenhower, and Stanton.

Art Cologne Press Conference & Exhibition Preview
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There will be multiple showings starting at 4 PM on Wednesday, May 24th. The show will also run May 25th and May 26th with 3pm - 6pm showtimes.

If you want more information, contact Kirsten Fitterer, Director of Community & Public Relations with the Yakima School District at Yakima Schools

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