They're students with legitimate jobs not inmates. The state's Ecology Youth Corps will be busy again this summer picking up trash along the state's roads throughout eastern and central Washington.
Rod Hankinson is the Regional Litter Administrator with the Department of Ecology who says a lot of the trash is from unsecured loads or stuff people just throw in the back of their pickup trucks. "A lot of the litter is from guys 18 to 29 in pickup trucks. You have a pickup truck you throw your empty in the back of the truck and when you get home it's not there."
The Washington Department of Ecology plans to hire 72 teenagers throughout Central Washington this summer as part of the Ecology Youth Corps. Last year crews picked up over 1 million pounds of litter and cleaned over 4,000 miles of roads statewide. Nearly 100,000 pounds of the litter collected was recyclable. Applicants must be ages 14-17 as of July 1. Applications are due by April 1 and are available through area school counselors and Ecology’s website.

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