Dumpster fires are common in the city of Yakima. Many times authorities say they are set by transients for a number of different reasons.  Many of the fires are extinguished without incident but some lead to other fires and damage property. It's exactly what happened in a dumpster fire early Tuesday. Yakima firefighters say the blazing dumpster was next to a commercial building in the 100 block of North 5th Avenue. The fire caused an estimated $100,000 in damage to the building. The fire was reported at about 12:28 a.m. Tuesday. Firefighters say they found a dumpster on fire next to the building with flames extending six to eight feet in the air. Firefighters were able to help one person out of a second floor apartment with no injuries.
The fire from the dumpster extended into the attic of the building causing some damage but the one person was able to his second floor residence after firefighters extinguished the blaze.
A total of 21 firefighters responded. Crews were on scene for about one-and-a-half hours. Firefighters from the Yakima Training Center Fire Department helped in fighting fire.
The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Fire officials work with the Yakima Police Department in many suspicious fires in the city.  Many commercial buildings have security cameras that survey areas at night. It's not known if the building that caught fire Tuesday has such a system but if it does it'll help investigators possibly make an arrest.

The fire remains under investigation Today by both the Yakima Police and Yakima Fire Departments.

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