So you see a bunch of people blatantly ignoring the anti-coronavirus social distancing plan. What should you do. Nothing, yell at them and run or call the cops?

The City of Yakima wants us all to know that enforcing the Governor's Stay-At-Home order is not the purview of the police.  A press release from city communications director  says the Yakima Police Department (YPD) has been receiving questions regarding enforcement of Stay-at-Home orders.

Beehler says the Yakima Health District is the agency with the authority to issue and enforce public health orders in Yakima and Yakima County. All complaints regarding violations of Stay-at Home orders should NOT be reported to the YPD or by calling 9-1-1 but should be reported to the Health District by calling 509-575-4040.

Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray.  “Although local police could, at some point, be involved in the enforcement of violations of public health orders, the YPD has not transitioned to that level and won’t unless further directed by appropriate authorities,”


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