Yesterday I wrote a blog about influence.  Conclusion - we are influenced in our emotions and reactions to the degree we consciously or unconsciously "want to be".  We aren't hypnotized or mind controlled, we are influenced by that with which we already agree.

But what happens when you agree with the subject matter presented (like weight loss) but the influencer doesn't really know what he or she is talking about?

Case in Point - Just because someone on social media is super in-shape doesn't mean they are experts when it comes to weight loss.  That makes sense but not everybody on line has sense, right?

University researchers in Scotland looked at popular weight loss blogs to see how much advice they offer is actually legit and from the perspective of "science:, they found just one in ten of the bloggers gave safe and helpful advice.  Yikes!

Researcher Katie Andrews adds, "Influencers are paid to leverage their social media followings to promote a brand, product or belief. This is all well and good as long as the content they create and the opinions they share a legitimate and well informed, [but] eating food and going to the gym doesn't make you qualified to speak on the subjects as an expert."


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