So National Underwear Day is Thursday, August 5th.  Not a  day I celebrate or have even acknowledged in the past...but this year is different. WHY?

For starters, more info is available thanks to a study conducted by a company co-founded by actress Sofia Vergara.  That's a name that somehow seems to catch my attention. Anyone that good-looking, yet that self-deprecating and that funny is always worth a listen. So what does she have to say about underwear and the women of Washington?

Underwear Study?

The curvy Columbian teamed up with Renata Black (philanthropist), ran a national survey, and discovered that Washingtonians own underwear that is 3+ years old. (What is that in dog years?)  Nearly half of all American women have underwear that old but 61% of Evergreen ladies do...which is the most in the country!
I'm a guy...and a dinosaur guy at that I am in way over my depth on this topic, but these are the kind of risks we take to keep you informed.  No thanks necessary.

How Often Is Enough?

Most guys don't think about underwear...ever....unless the drawer is empty, but apparently, women do. The survey says almost half of Americans (47.8%) choose to completely dump their drawers drawer just once per year. ("they" recommend twice a year...whoever "they" are.)  When they do look to "refresh?, 32% of women say the most important consideration for replacement is definitely quality over any other factor, such as comfort, cut, color, etc.  (which makes no sense because quality is associated with something that lasts, yet we are talking about underwear that gets chucked every year? Guess it's another rung on the ladder to "I'll never understand women!")

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