Alright guys, grab a mirror and take a good long look at yourself.  Note the shape of your face.  Could it reveal aspects of personality?  The Daily mail is reporting that some scientists think so, as a new study says the shape of your face reveals more about you than you'd think.

Canadian University researchers looked at 314 undergraduate students who were in romantic relationships, and took their photo. They discovered respondents with square, wide faces reported having a greater sex drive than others.

Ok, go back to the mirror and check. Congratulations.

Now to the dark side of the mirror and the study.  It turns out that men with this face shape were more comfortable with casual sex, and more likely to say they would consider being unfaithful to their partners.

This isn’t the first scientific look at square-faced men.  Previous research show such fellows are perceived as more aggressive, dominant, and unethical compared to men with longer, thinner faces.


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