If anybody knows about apples it’s us here in the Yakima Valley.  But get this. University of Massachusetts, Amherst  researchers say we're likely doing it wrong.

Ok, it’s on!  Amherst, whatcha got?

Researchers tested out three different washing styles to see which got the most spray residue off the fruit: plain water, a bleach solution, and a solution of water with one percent baking soda.

(looks like my 20 seconds under the tap may be somewhat insufficient?)

Each option was tested with a two- and an eight-minute wash before the apple was rinsed with regular water again. After two minutes the baking-soda solution removed the most pesticides compared to the other two methods (plain water actually removed more than the bleach solution), and after 15 minutes this solution removed all of the pesticides from the apple skin.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the amount and type of pesticides used on apples are safe for human consumption.

As Halloween looms large, get ready for Carmel apples, bobbing for apples, apple pie, apple sauce and fresh, crisp awesome Washington apples! (Quartz)



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