I had a couple of great dogs for pets when I was a kid.  Tim the Border Collie and Thor the Elkhound logged a lot of miles following me around the pastures, ponds and and wheat fields of rural North Dakota. And while I loved them to death, they were farm dogs and the idea of letting them into the bedroom for the night never even entered my mind.  I’m still kinda that way, and yet every night, my daughter Kate's little Lucy winds up knocking out doggie dreams on our bed!  I don’t even remember losing that battle!

So, what would a brainy outfit like the Mayo Clinic have to say about dogs in the bedroom?   They say go for it. Letting your dog snooze in your bedroom may actually help you get a better night’s rest – up to a point.

The masterminds at Mayo says not to let the pooch sack out on the bed.  Did you hear that honey? Not actually ON the bed!

In the study dozens of people and their pets were tracked over five months for the study, and the conclusion was that those who let their pets share their bedrooms but not their beds had the best quality of sleep. (AJC.com)

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