Here in coffee country we feel we have a pretty good handle on the coffee marketplace. We know what it means to be “mountain grown”, to have Juan Valdez and his donkey bring in the beans, even to have a civet cat on the front and back end of an important part of the process.

So when we hear the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) caution us that we should probably stay away from something called “Death Wish Coffee” unless we really do have a death wish, well then we perk up!  (perk-get it??)

Currently the popular and powerful brand of brew is recalling its Death Wish Nitro product over concerns about contamination with botulism.

The FDA says the process used to make cold coffee infused with nitrogen has the potential to create the deadly toxin.  So with no illnesses related to Death Wish, the company posted a voluntary recall statement advising anyone who's purchased cans of the coffee to dispose of it. (Mashable)

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