Life is stressful, there's no question about it, sometimes you need a good release of that pent-up anger. Screaming into a pillow just doesn't cut it anymore, you don't wanna hurt anybody so where do you go to let out that aggression?

Well, we found five places in eastern Washington to just let loose and drive that anger elsewhere. No, they're not all rage rooms but they'll get the job done by helping you release that pent-up anger and helping you reset. That being said here are 5 Places in Eastern Washington to let out your anger.

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5.) Hit the Cowichie Canyon Trail

No, we don't mean go to the train and hit a rock or something, we mean to change your surroundings. That's right a small change in your surroundings will help release that anger or stress building up inside of you. It's proven that it opens up your mind to different places and lets you truly relax.

4.) Game and Grog Karakoe night 

Hosted every Tuesday this is a great way to let out some stress, anger, and even anxiety, find the perfect song that you belt out in your car when no ones looking, and get up on stage and let the world hear it. Well Yakima, but studies have shown singing actually helps release stress, anger, and anxiety depending on what you're feeling.

3.) Fisher Park Driving Range 

Take a good wack at something, well a golf ball. Using that anger energy to drive a ball as far as you can possibly hit it will make you feel better. It's actually proven that if you manifest whatever is creating this anger, towards the ball before you hit it you'll not only get a better drive, but you'll feel better too.

2.) Tactical Tag Axe Throwing

Head on over to tactical tag and start chucking axes, well strategically throwing them at the target, but seriously take a note from our book on this one. I was feeling stressed due to normal things in life and after taking a few good throws it felt as if the world had lifted off my shoulders. So schedule a time for you and some friends to go axe throwing and let your rage flag fly high.

1.) Tri-City's Break Room 

With a drive out to the Tri-Cities you can check out their Break Room, no not like a work break room, but a room you can actually break stuff. After reserving time for the room you can pick a few objects to take in with you, TVs, computers, desks, lamps you name it. Once you're in the room you can smash them to your heart's content and the rage is no more. You can set up an appointment by following the link below!

Tri-City's Break Room

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