You know the drill.  You've got some work to do so you put on a little background music and you get to it, you just aren't as creative as you thought and hoped you would be!

That's because as the Daily Mail points out, "the common belief that music boosts brain function and spurs creativity may be little more than a myth, after researchers found 'strong' evidence to suggest the opposite to be true. "
Findings from British researchers show that background music "significantly impaired" a person's ability to complete tasks involving verbal creativity. Even when the music was improving the mood of participants, their creative ability was still hampered during their tasks and it doesn't seem to matter as to the kind of music, " no lyrics, familiar lyrics or unfamiliar lyrics " all consistently disrupt.
So if you run into that creativity block, putting on some background music to help you think is likely to do more harm than good!

The study has been published in journal Applied Psychology: An International Review. 

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