In order to help reduce soil erosion, increase organic matter, improve early weed control and provide forage for animals - cover crops are becoming more popular. Cover crops are able to create more resilient, efficient production systems. In 2010 - USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists developed a Cover Crop Chart to help growers choose the best cover crop for their specific management and production needs. They recently updated the interactive chart - which provides information on crop species and their growth cycle, water use, pollination and more - to include 58 cover crop species.

National Farmers Union intends to score the vote on trade promotion authority in the House. NFU President Roger Johnson encourages House lawmakers to consider the impacts that trade agreements have had on the domestic economy and vote no on TPA. Johnson says the overall trade deficit must be considered in agreements. He says the U.S. has grown a significant trade deficit after several free trade agreements - including the North American Free Trade Agreement.