**A delegation of California Farm Bureau leaders held meetings to advocate on important issues facing farmers and ranchers as Congressional debate continues over how to fund the federal government.

Farm Bureau leaders and their federal policy team met in the nation’s capital recently.

Discussions focused on important ag issues, like the next farm bill and the need for prompt relief funding to recover from disasters like flooding and wildfires.

Farm Equipment Maker Deere Post 27 Percent Drop In Quarterly Profits
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**The Agricultural Right to Repair Act was introduced in both the House and Senate, legislation that’s strongly supported by the National Farmers Union.

NFU President Rob Larew says the Right to Repair Act is an important step in the fight to ensure American farmers have fair and affordable access to the parts, tools, and information they need to fix farm equipment.

Right to Repair could save farmers $4.2 billion every year.

Milk Prices Continue To Rise Due To Cost Of Corn
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**The USDA is announcing a second round of payments for dairy producers through the Organic Dairy Marketing Assistance Program.

The agency is providing an additional $5 million to help dairy producers mitigate market volatility, higher input and transportation costs, and unstable feed supply and prices that have created unique hardships in the organic dairy industry.

The Farm Service Agency has already paid out $15 million in the first round of payments.

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