Criminals or victims- whose side are you on?  The Washington State Supreme Court seems to have made its decision, have you?
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Is that an overstatement....hyperbole? A little over the top?  Depends on who you ask.

Is This The Right Compromise

Seattle radio host Jason Rantz of KTTH:

The Washington State Supreme Court's move endangers the lives of every Washingtonian, gives a pass to dangerous juvenile criminals, and stifles a free press, all in the name of equity.

The "move"  Rantz references came one week ago,  Tuesday, May 3, when the Supreme Court ruled it will stop using the full names of juvenile criminals and suspects, instead, relying on initials and date of birth.  In essence, dropping a cloak of secrecy over juvenile proceedings for the sake of their protection and potentially at the expense of the public!

Too Far Too Fast?

Though the court has since put a hold on implementing the rule to allow further review, court watchers say this means that juvenile records will not be properly filed with law enforcement, summons will not be delivered to juveniles, and the state will be out of compliance with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

In addition, public accountability will suffer from the media's inability to accurately report important public safety stories or ultimately help hold judges accountable for any mishandling of cases.

Blinded Me With Science

So where's this coming from?  Why the sudden decision to go from long-standing transparency and open records on juveniles to slamming the door on identity, access, and accountability?   The answer, as Thomas Dolby might say is, "SCIENCE!"   Specifically "Brain Science."

From the Crosscut:
The U.S. Supreme Court has held that “children are different,” because science shows that the human brain — and its control over behavior — isn’t truly developed until age 25.

Here's The Excuse But Where's the Justice For Victims?

And there you have it.  They're just kids!  They can't help themselves.  Sure, they plan, organize and carry out horrific and sometimes fatal crimes...but hey, boys will be boys!
You were a kid once, didn't we all stomp a neighbor to death, set a pet on fire, or hogtie a bunch of businessmen and shoot them like dogs in a gambling club before we were 21?  Ha, yeah, those were the days!  But look, it wasn't my fault....right your Honor.....
And Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven Gonzalez, nods in agreement?
Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic is among a group of prosecutors, law enforcers, and media who want the Supreme Court to reconsider the ruling.  Brusic was a radio guest this morning and he expressed his concern about serious juvenile offenders being promoted to the status of "children!"

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