Yakima County officials say they're close to opening a mass vaccination site at State Fair Park. Officials from Yakima County, Yakima Valley Emergency Management , Yakima Health District, State Fair Park, Signal Health, and many other community partners are nearing completion of a drive through mass vaccination clinic but they say it won't be open until early or mid-February. The problem right now? Not enough vaccine is available. When it is available the goal is to vaccinate up to 500 people in the Yakima Valley everyday.

Commissioner LaDon Linde says “we are appreciative of the foresight and leadership shown by our local emergency management and health district staff. It shows again that local leadership can do things best, as they are closest to the situation and know the community and its resources.”

A preregistration process will be set up for appointments when the site is close to opening. County officials say the site will allow more people to be vaccinated in the area and will add to the sites that are already open providing vaccine. There are no mass vaccine sites open in Yakima at this time. When they're close to opening the Yakima Health District will make a public announcement.

Commissioner Amanda McKinney says Yakima's can-do spirit is alive and well.  “The can-do spirit of Yakima County is exemplified today in active leadership which finds solutions and offers hope and security to our neighbors by offering ease of access to the vaccine.We have the will to overcome and the local ingenuity to create opportunities for safety, recovery,and prosperity. I am grateful for the immense efforts and collaboration to get us to where we are and am eager to see this vaccination in full operation to bring hope to our community.”

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