• Yakima's city council will consider an amendment to the municipal code that would affect parades and special events at the council meeting Tuesday.

    The new amendment will add a $50 application fee for all special events and parades in the city of Yakima.

    It would also require event organizers to pay for half of the city related costs involved with traffic management during events.

    If approved the changes will go into effect in January.

  • The city council may also extend a moratorium on the construction of cell phone towers.

    Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke says the city built environment committee has come up with a plan for the construction of the towers.

    O'Rourke says the city wants more control over where the towers are located. He says the current requirement that there only be a city staff review for a cell tower location isn't enough.

    O'Rourke says they'll soon present a plan to the city council that calls for a more comprehensive review of the location of cell phone towers.

    In April the city imposed a six month moratorium on new cell towers until a plan is approved by the city council.