Yakima City Council member Carmen Mendez says she's disappointed the council voted Tuesday against an ordinance that would have repealed the city Pit Bull ban. Mendez, who voted for the repeal Tuesday says she wants the ban repealed to keep the city out of court after being threatened with a lawsuit if the ban continues. She's concerned other council members who voted to keep the ban in place aren't taking the threat seriously. "We are being advised by our legal team that we are being threatened with a lawsuit. So I hope that council really gets the opportunity to think about what they're doing."
The city council voted against the repeal ban on Tuesday but voted in favor of having city staff and the city safety committee work on a new dangerous dogs ordinance for city council consideration on April 17. Mendez says that's also when she hopes the city will vote to repeal the city Pit Bull ban that's been city law since 1987.

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