Washington State Representative Chris Corry (R) is a good man.

He cares about people and wants to help all people in his role as one of two State Reps. from the Eastern Washington, Yakima to Goldendale, 14th  legislative district.  Gina Mosbrucker is his fellow conservative from the 14th.

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Short On The Numbers

He'll be the first to tell you it isn't easy being in the minority in the state legislature. Democrats hold a 16 vote majority in the 98 member House, 57 to 41.  That generally means Republicans spend more time on the sidelines or trying to hold the line and stop bad measures and policy decisions.

But Corry is up for the challenge. He says Republicans continue to do the work, produce budgets, offer legislation and he thinks it all could pay off in the not too distant future.

Will The Winds Of Change Blow Through Olympia

He calls this moment the greatest opportunity in a generation for change.  Corry says the state had a 15 billion dollar surplus and managed to spend most of it without any kind of tax break or refund for citizens, while a number of other states found ways to give their taxpayers some relief.

He believes a combination of inconsistent decisions on the Covid pandemic, the Governor's unwillingness to give up his emergency powers, and the fiscal and social overreaches brought about by a woke liberal leadership will turn off independent and casual voters who are ready to say enough.

Will The Midterms Hammer State and Federal Democrats

Many pundits are predicting a voting nightmare for Democrats in the mid-term elections and several conservative observers we've talked to feel the same thing could be headed for Washington State.

We hope he's as right on this calculation as he is on the issues important to Central Washington

He stopped by the KIT Studio to talk about the recently concluded legislative session.

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