What would it take for you to get the Coronavirus vaccine if you weren't inclined to do so?

Would social pressure work?  How about your family? Your workplace?  Your college or university?  Would you get the shot in order to travel?  Maybe it's your sense of social responsibility?  Your personal contribution to serving the greater good?

The point is everyone had their own reason for getting or not getting the vaccine.  However, Fox News reports that corporate America is willing to step up and sweeten the pot and maybe even buy you a beer!

We celebrate "beer Friday" at KIT where we invite listeners to join us at an area establishment to relax with a laugh and beverage on Friday afternoons to unwind from the week.  Not all of our listeners are in favor of getting the vaccine and that's cool by us.  It's America and we'll not judge you on your herd immunity but by the content of your character and the quality of your jokes!

Still, one of America's biggest beer makers is waving a beer in front of you if choose to get a vaccination.

Like several other companies, Budweiser is giving away freebies to people who have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

"Earlier this week, the beer brand -- which is owned by Anheuser-Busch -- announced that it will be giving away free beer to vaccine recipients in an ad starring its signature Clydesdales and a puppy."

The line from the commercials incorporates the abbreviation for the word " buddy."

"We can’t wait to see our buds,...but when we do, let’s do it safely." Budweiser then chimes in with "Your first round’s on us if you’ve been vaccinated."


The way to collect is to demonstrate their vaccination by uploading a picture of their vaccination moment before May 16 on the site  ABeerOnBud.com

Don't worry, Budweiser can afford the 10,000 virtual debit cards worth five bucks each they plan to give away to verified entrants.  In 2019 the beer giant generated global revenue of over 52.3 billion dollars!  Now that I think about it, with that kind of cash in the bank, the 50-thousand clams for free beer seems rather chincy!  Sorry Bud!

Finally, the boys at Bud want you to know that entrants have to be over 21 and residents of Alabama, California and Texas are not eligible.

Other companies like Sam Adams and Krispy Kreme are on board as well.

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