Federal Stimulus Dollars are coming to Yakima County and downtown businessman Joe Mann (the unofficial Mayor of Yakima) and the President and CEO of the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce stopped by the KIT studios to talk about it.

Best calls the federal package "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" and while she's happy that Yakimanians will get almost 50 million dollars she is concerned about the rapidly and massively growing debt.  Seems like nobody is 100% sure just yet as to how the money will be divided up between education, governments and if or how it might help local business but individuals can help by shopping and dining locally with their CARES Act stimulus money.

She says it's time to get back into the classroom and back to business.  She's hopeful that mass vaccine sites will get people immunized and restore confidence in getting back into active society but she's quick to point out that getting vaccinated is a personal choice and she hopes there's acceptance by all of us of whatever decision individuals choose to make.

Joe Mann was out and about on St. Patrick's Day and he says the town was quite busy and people were spending some of there individual stimulus money on dinners and drinks.  It has been a while since that level of activity has returned and he says it was really encouraging to see.

Another sign of positivity for Yakima is the upcoming Restaurant Week (more on that to come) so get ready for that.

Ms Best says it's time to get back to life but to be smart, be respectful and keep folks safe but not afraid.

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