Federal Funding Cuts To Food Stamp Program Take Affect Today
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For the past few months, a delivery truck has pulled up outside our door and dropped off a refrigerated packaged of food. We have been trying out the product form Every Plate and I have found it to be reasonably priced, quite tasty and easy to fix..  I do admit I have been a little uncertain about "virus exposure" and I read about how to handle such packages with an eye toward safety.  Maybe I didn't have to.

The Fox News motto used to be  "We report and you decide."   Well, Fox is reporting that a decision has been made for us - by the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning food packaging and the Coronavirus.

The WHO says we all can breathe easier when unpacking our groceries or those home food deliveries. "People should not fear food, or food packaging or processing or delivery of food.”

There was some consumer concern after a report that a batch of frozen chicken wings from Brazil that were exported to China tested positive for COVID-19 but the WHO says,“there is no evidence that food or the food chain is participating in [the] transmission of this virus. And people should feel comfortable and safe.”

A WHO epidemiologist says Chinese officials have tested “hundreds of thousands of packages” but “found very, very few, less than 10”  that were positive for COVID-19. Great!

Uh, that is IF you can believe Chinese Officials!



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