I enjoy playing scrabble. I don't enjoy playing scrabble with people who play those scrabble-like word games on line who know every obscure word that doesn't even sound like it could be a word!  You know who I'm talking about Sara.

Now Scrabble has made my chances of a win even more remote wit the addition of 300 new words to its dictionary.
The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary now contains words like ew, OK, zen, macaron, and yowza.
And here is the most insidious - there are now also 20 words that include a "q" but do not require a "u."   Other words now allowed are: botnet, wayback,  zomboid, twerk, frowny, puggle, and sheeple. (Telegraph)
Do you have a secret, go-to  word that always scores big?

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