The community in Yakima came together this past week to help those who were about to be evicted from the Cascade and Senator Apartments.

When the tenants of the two historic buildings were about to be evicted, local churches came together to provide them with a place to stay.

"This was truly a community response that was a lot of people just willing to say 'We love you, we care about what you're going through, we want to help'," said Executive Director of the Sunrise Outreach Center, Dave Hanson.

He said 30 churches came to help the tenants with temporary housing, three churches were ready to become host shelters and the community provided food and a temporary storage space.

One tenant said even with this outreach, the future is uncertain.

"Right now, we don't know yet what's going to happen," he said.

Late last week the tenants were told they did not have to move out until next Thursday.

Right now the building is being renovated to meet code standards, the broken fire alarm system has been fixed.

Hanson said the eviction notices have been taken down and there is currently no date for eviction since the renovations have started.