Hey, Happy New Year!  It may be a New Year but there’s a lot of baggage from 2017 to contend with as we move ahead. Like This.

I’m not one to get too worked up about tweets.  Any dipstick can jump on Twitter and pop off saying something they might think twice about if they had to say it to your face. (President company included)  BUT, former FBI Director James Comey took to Twitter on Sunday to take a not-so-veiled shot at President Trump.

Comey wrote, "Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values."

Really?  I think any conversation about “Ethics..truth and values” will have set sail and left Mr. Comey on the docks.  Remember  all the compliments for him being a straight shooter & a standup kinda guy?  MOST of them came from members of the swamp, lizards who have long since forgotten what those guys look like if they ever knew to begin with.

His actions - better still, lack of action – in the Clinton email investigation should permanently cancel his ethics/truth/values card and his intentional leaking of FBI information in the aftermath should render his future tweets null and void.

But, it’s a free country so tweet away big guy…however doing his job would have been a better contribution to helping to keep the country free in the first place.

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