Sarah Johnson

I used to have an alarm that I set but now I have a kitten. Like clockwork every morning about 6:30 am I am woken up by her either jumping on the bed or this morning, feeling like I was being stared at. I was, she was right up in my face, patiently waiting for me to notice.

She's learned to check and make sure I am paying attention before she bounces

Never having owned a kitten, I've come to realize that they have a schedule and every morning, it's time for her walk. At first we were going to let her roam free once all her shots were taken care of but as her spay appointment gets closer and because of a bum eye the hubs and I have decided that we would much prefer her to be an indoor kitty. They live longer in general and she's so stinking sweet, I don't want her to get lost or get into a fight, so we take her on leashed walks. Yes, I am one of those people now that keeps their kitten on a leash. Don't hate, she LOVES her leashed walks and if we don't get moving in the morning, she tends to let us know and won't stop until we take her. Honestly, she is a much happier kitty and lounges around the rest of the day, save wrestling matches and getting chased around the house.

Winnie loves a good nap

It's good exercise for both of us but this morning, as I was running behind her in the backyard I noticed the frost and the fact I couldn't keep my nose warm. I checked the temp and it was 25 degrees. No problemo for a little cat walk but to be outside all night and day in this, there would need to be adjustments so if you have outdoor animals here are some helpful tips to keep them warm and safe this Fall and Winter season.

Freezing temperatures won't stop Winnie from outside adventures
  •  Having a shelter for them outside is very important, especially when the wind picks up or the rain and snow begin to fall. It should be airtight and away from wet areas, if you can get it a few inches off the ground that's great, add some blankets and you are really being an awesome pet parent by making sure there is a door flap on the shelter to help keep the cold drafts aways

Shelly from Pet Pantry in Yakima also had some great reminders for everyone

  1. Limit the time your dogs and cats spend outside on walks or just in the yard to 5 to 10 minutes
  2. if it’s cold for you it’s cold for them, a lot of dogs have pretty thin hair and they’re not used to the elements if you’re going for short walks perhaps it's time to get them a light jacket
  3. Cats should be kept inside they can’t maintain their body heat outside either
  4. Also cats don't have tough paws so you don't want them to get burned from the cold
  5. Make sure you are paying attention to antifreeze on the ground, it's poisonous to animals and if they are outside and thirsty they won't know the difference and it could kill them
  6. Before turning your car on in the morning, make sure to tap on the hood or honk your horn before turning on the engine. Last time your vehicle was running it was nice and warm so a cat might have made themselves a comfy sleeping spot
Cold temperatures mean checking your car engine for visitors

The Adventures of Walking Winnie

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