If you love beer -and who doesn't- then you may want to keep your eye on what's happening with climate change.

FOX NEWS is reporting that some in science (what do they drink?) say a change in climate could affect the taste of beer. 

North Carolina State University researchers have found that climate change can affect how plants used to make beer taste - predominately barley and hops, including Yakima Valley hops- by altering their chemistry. 

Researchers say that nights are getting warmer, which can throw off a plant’s circadian clock, and as a result, the plants can become out of sync with the environment...sorta like jet lag for hops!

Scientists note that while the earth’s climate has changed before, it's been quite a while.  The earth hasn't experienced any real significant climate changes since humans began developing agriculture thousands of years ago. 

Warmer nights, earlier springs, changes in daily and seasonal temperature patterns, all disrupt how plant biology functions, which can hurt yields, affect the cost of the beer ingredients, and ultimately affect how the beer tastes.

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