The annual report for the City of Yakima is released, and only one crime seems to be a growing problem.

Crime Scene
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Talking to most people living in Yakima they wouldn't be surprised to hear that car theft is one of the city's most prominent crimes and on the rise.

According to the police report, car thefts went up 60 percent last year.

In 2011, there were about 700 reports of vehicle theft, and in 2012, there were more than 1,100.

Fortunately for Celia Butterfield's son, they were able to find his stolen car in a parking lot, but she said the stereo was ripped out and there was other significant damage.

"It's very frustrating because you work for what you have and then people just come and steal what you have, and they don't have any respect for other people's property," said Butterfield. "It happens all the time."

According to the report, there wasn't a huge change in other property crimes. Reports of burglary went down 0.4 percent and larceny went up 0.3 percent.

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