Domestic violence is a problem all throughout Washington State. In the city of Yakima it's a big problem say Yakima Police. The most recent domestic violence attacked happened in January when a woman was killed after being beaten and run over by the father of her 2-year-old child.Officers in the Yakima Police Department answer hundreds of domestic violence calls every month within Yakima City limits. In fact in 2020 city officials say crimes of domestic violence comprised 29% of the City of Yakima prosecution caseload, or 886 cases. They say 29% is high when compared to other city of similar size. To help the ongoing problem Yakima city officials want to create what's called a Coordinated Community Response Team to help stem the violence. Officials say the team is "comprised of staff who are involved with domestic violence incidences, from the 911 call taker to the probation officer, who coordinate every link of the response by understanding the role of each party and developing shared goals."
In order to start such a team the city needs funding for training. The federal Office of Violence Against Women, part of the justice department, is making grant funding available for cities like Yakima. The Yakima City Council on Tuesday is expected to authorize the mayor to sign a grant application so the city can get the funding it needs to create the Coordinated Community Response Team and provide training.

City officials are looking for ways to curb the violence and provide help to victims because domestic violence is such a big problem in the area.

The Yakima City Council meets at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday on ZOOM at

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