It's time to "FALL BACK" once again. Go to work in the dark and get home in the dark...again.  How do you feel about that? Does it make you mad...mad enough to want to punch somebody?  CBS says new research has found that the number of assaults go up by nearly three percent right after daylight saving time ends and the country sets their clocks back one hour.

The University of Pennsylvania study added that assaults actually went down by three percent when daylight saving time starts in March as Americans lose an hour of sleep.  So what gives?  Why would a lack of daylight making some want to punch others lights out?

Although the study found that moving the clocks back resulted in an uptick in violence, leaping forward comes with its own side effects. Car accidents, workplace injuries, and suicides all reportedly increase the Monday after clock moves forward in March. Fascinating to think of the change of human behavior based on the minor adjustment to the clock.  It kinda makes you wonder if it is even still worth it.
Given the reported negative impacts at both ends of daylight saving time, a number of states ARE debating an end to the practice. East Coast states like Maine and Massachusetts have begun arguing to abolish the clock-changing tradition, while other states like Michigan have already introduced bills to pull the plug on daylight saving time.

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