What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?  The definition includes taking a risk...." a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so."

For many, their dream job is to work for themselves doing something they love and believe in.  Not all of us get to do that.  But if you think you have that great idea and the energy, effort and resources to pursue it, then Central Washington University has a four year program for you.

In a news release Central officials say, "The College of Business announced last year that it would be expanding its reach across campus to find prospective entrepreneurs in other specialty areas. Now, CWU students majoring in everything from art, music, and education to engineering, science, and finance will have an opportunity to turn their passions into business plans with a bachelor of science in Entrepreneurship."

The idea behind the program is more than just standard business practices.  It's about innovation and taking that non-business related interest and passion and turning it into a successful business.


Early enrollment shows about a dozen current CWU students from a variety of academic pursuits have already signed up for the four-year program, and applications for Fall 2021 are now being accepted.

If you would like some more information, there is an online questionnaire you can take to find out more about it and if it might be the right fit for your ideas.

This current announcement is about the expansion of an existing program to a four year degree.  Central says they already have a number of success stories from the two-year program but director Bill Provaznik says, "the challenge most students encountered previously was that two years wasn’t long enough to fully develop their ideas....We focus on building the entrepreneur more than building the business."


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