So I’m not a cat guy…I don’t know too many guys who are, except for my friend Dom, the Chief of Police.  He does have a couple of cool cats but suffice it to say I am much more about dogs than cats. Still, somebody likes them since  according to the ASPCA “ It's estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States.”

Part of my cat concerns come from the fact that they are sneaky and they don't always say what they mean!

A new report from Pets4Homes reveals that not all cat purring is the same. Some cats purr in uncomfortable situations as a sign of distress. A cat that's purring for a reason other than pleasure will look uncomfortable, and may be sitting in a strange position, appear to be attempting to hide, or trying to make themselves look smaller and yet they are still purring - pure cat deception!

Cat fanciers claim that some cat purring is like a nervous smile or nervous laughter!

Pets4Home claims unhappy cats that purr do so to block outside sounds. Veterinarian Dr. Francine Rattner says the noise might also be the animal's way of asking for help, or attempting to release pain-soothing endorphins. (Daily Mail)

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