There's a new mob in town and we are not talking about a Flash Mob. Unlike those videos that go viral on the internet, this is a Cash Mob. Organizer Allie Mickey had her own questions when she first heard about the idea. "What's a Cash Mob and how can we do it?"

Cash Mobs are a way to support local businesses.

Allie Mickey tells our news partner KIMA Action News that they encourage a group of people to visit a small business at the same time, and spend money there. After getting the word out through social media, this weeks first stop was the Tea Garden Restaurant in Yakima. Restaurants aren't the only places organizers have in mind. Any local business could be fair game for the Cash Mob. As someone who works at a growing local business, Mickey says it's important to support companies in the area.

The Cash Mob here in Yakima plans to meet twice a month. The group can be found on Facebook.