A new Carole King concert documentary, Home Again: Live in Central Park, will be released on Feb. 9 via The Coda Collection.

The film includes exclusive interviews and previously unseen footage from King's May 26, 1973, free concert on Central Park's Great Lawn, which hosted 100,000 fans. Directed by George Scott and produced by Lou Adler and John McDermott, Home Again: Live in Central Park features the entire show with Adler's multicamera 16mm footage.

You can watch an exclusive clip from the film below, along with a track listing.

King's concert took place in two parts: The first featured her solo on piano; the second included an 11-piece band backing her. Adler's footage has remained unreleased for 50 years, though he said he knew the moment was special at the time of filming.

"I brought Hank Cicalo, my recording engineer from Los Angeles, out to Central Park to record the show as it might possibly become an album," Adler explained in a press release. "Then I had the notion, having done the film Monterey Pop" - Adler also produced the 1968 concert film directed by D.A. Pennebaker - "I felt that something this big should be filmed. I had no idea what I was going to do with the film at that time, but I felt that something this important should be documented."

It was only recently that Adler was approached by McDermott, who encouraged the idea of turning the footage into a movie. "His interest excited me, and I said, 'Yeah, let’s do it.,'" Adler recalled. "I contacted Carole and we got started."

King, a native of New York City, remembers the concert as an overwhelming but fulfilling moment in her career. "Tapestry had become such a huge hit [in 1971], and I really wanted to give something back to the people," King said. "When I first walked onstage, in Central Park, in front of the Great Lawn, and it's full of people ... it was kind of terrifying for a minute. Then the crowd began to cheer, and it was like a wave coming toward me. There was just so much love. It was too much to take in, but I realized all I had to do was sit down and start playing. They were there to hear me. I knew how to deliver, and that's what I sat down to do."

A live album, Home Again, will be released digitally on Feb. 10. It's available for pre-order now.

Carole King, 'Home Again' Track Listing
1. "Beautiful"
2. "Been to Canaan"
3. "Way Over Yonder"
4. "Smackwater Jack"
5. "Home Again"
6. "Sweet Seasons"
7. "It's Too Late"
8. "Fantasy Beginning"
9. "You've Been Around Too Long"
10. "Being at War With Each Other"
11. "That's How Things Go Down"
12. "Haywood"
13. "A Quiet Place to Live"
14. "You Light Up My Life"
15. "Corazon"
16. "Believe in Humanity"
17. "Fantasy End"

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